Estatik 3.0 is out

Meet new version of Estatik Pro 3.0

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March 21, 2017

We’re proud to announce the arrival of the next major Estatik version 3.0 (Simple and PRO) which has new features and many bug fixes from the previous releases and introduces some breaking changes!


Truth be told, there were several weak spots in the previuos versions that prevented our customers from exploiting plugin to the utmost. We could make new releases again and again with further fixes or make something different. And we did - we risked and rewrote it from scratch. You will find nothing in common with the previous version inside the code but frontend and admin parts of Estatik 3.0 will be a look-alike of version 2.4.0.

So what is new?


  1. 1. Property became WP_Post entity.

    Each property is a fully featured WordPress post - it can easily be translated, intensified in SEO with SEO plugins like Yoast and others etc.



2. Images upload via WP Media only

Pictures are uploaded into WordPress Media folder, not in plugin folder, like it was earlier.


3. Greatly Improved Map Feature

Just try it! You will understand all the difference - now you can pinpoint any object with coordinates, even if it has no address at all. Address field gives prompts and helps to choose the correct address for property. Check it out!



4. Customizable Labels

Labels are finally under your control. You can add, delete, edit labels and choose colours for them.



5. Improved CSV import

Estatik PRO 2.4.0 allows you now select what fields you need to import, with which status imported listings will be added. You can also import pictures of listings added as links.



6. Recurring Payments & Trial periods

You can use automatic recurring payments now and set up Trial period for agents.



7. New Management Panel for Agents

Users registered as agents on your real estate website get access to admin part of the plugin created for agents where they can add, edit or delete their listings and work with their profiles.



Other Improvements:

  • * We added new shortcodes and made them work in combination with each other.
  • * Added different dimensions for Lot and Area fields
  • * Added Upload Logo option for admin area
  • * Drag & Drop feature to Search widget added
  • * Pagination improved
  • * Other minor fixes


How to Update

Please be careful with this update and read carefully the entire list below!


  1. If you have customized version, please contact us and do not make update without our advice. In case of scalable customizations, if you decide to use new version you will have to repeat custom work.


Please, do make a backup!


If you checked the two items above, you can move forward.


1. Delete the previous version of our plugin and install the new one. Data base with your listings will be not removed.


2. Once you installed the new version, you will see the new page - Migration (it will offer you to migrate your listings to the new version). Click Migrate button to import your listings into new version of Estatik.


3. Please, be patient! The migration will take some time. The speed of migration depends on the server capability, internet speed, number of properties and number of pictures.


4. Keep in mind that you can always install the previous version of Estatik Pro - and have the same website as earlier. Nothing will be deleted.


You are welcome to check our Documentation page with screenshots here.


If you noticed something strange, please contact us or read FAQ section.


We are immensely proud of the reviews so far received in relation to the previous versions of Estatik Pro, and look forward to seeing this continued as our plugin progresses forward.


Thank you in advance for sharing with us your feedbacks and reviews.