Multilingual real estate website: Pros & Cons

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July 8, 2021

What makes a real estate website successful? There are some well-known features that you already know. Let us recall, for example, a great number of properties with great colorful pictures and video tours, advanced search tools, MLS import and synchronization feature, map searches, agent or agency details with great feedbacks from happy home buyers, etc. However, there is one feature that many real estate agents and realtors neglect. What we are going to cover here is the benefits of a multilingual real estate website.

Real estate websites owners often underestimate this opportunity to grow their business and offer their services to a larger amount of foreign buyers. In our digital area you can easily find a home of your dream surfing the Internet. But which website would you prefer: the one that has your country flag in its menu or the another one that is available just in one foreign language? Yeah, we know that Google Translate rocks, and you can enable it any time. But again, it is a one-time temporary solution in most cases. The properly translated websites always remain in a better position, after all.
Here are our WHYs:

Provides higher SEO value

Content is the king in SEO. The more translated content you have, the better for Google. It simply doubles or triples its effect. It takes time and probably money if you hire a professional translator. But believe us, it is worth it. You instantly improve your chances of ranking in several languages.

Looks more credible and reliable

It just proves how serious about your business you are. Great feedbacks written by not only local buyers but by foreigners as well just demonstrate that you are the guy! So if you are ready to get leads from non-English speaking visitors, seize this opportunity and enhance you website!

Pulls ahead of your competitors

Your website will be ranked by Google higher. It will be also visited and valued by a greater amount of customers. Let your competitors lag behind you.
Sure thing, it is not as easy as it seems. There are some pitfalls that you can face:
1. Ideally offering your service on your property website in more than one language is that it not only implies displaying properties and information in that language, it also means that you can offer a support service in that language. However it may just seem to be a problem. It's not necessary for you to speak to customers. It's common that buyers can hire an interpreter or you can always offer it as a separate service.
2. It's a complex work. Our advice is get started with one language. Make a research to choose the right language. Don't try to cover several languages at once. Once you finish translating into one language, you'll better understand your workload or costs to do that properly.
3. It's an ongoing process. Once you change or add a piece of information, you should do the same work in other languages. Otherwise your website will be not up-to-date in different languages.

How to get started?

WordPress CMS is the best solution to create a real estate website. All the versions of Estatik plugin (Estatik Simple, Estatik PRO or Premium) is compatible with most popular multilingual plugins like WPML, Loco Translate, Polylang.
In summary, you can turn visitors into real home buyers using old standard ways. But creating a real estate website in several languages can boost your income a lot better than that.

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