Today is an awesome day as we just released our new Beige Realtor Instagram Canva Templates Bundle! This bundle contains 70+ completely customizable Real Estate Instagram Post Templates with ready-to-use catchy motivational and inspirational quotes, captions, helpful carousel posts and calls to action templates.

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Canva Customizable

If you haven't still tried the Canva tool, you lost a lot - a lot of time and money. Canva provides millions of ready-made designs and templates for social media, flyers, banners, etc. Canva users and subscribers do not need any specific technical knowledge to enjoy these media files. besides, the Internet is full of Canva tutorials and hacks which make it even more helpful and easy-to-use.
Estatik Beige Realtor Insta Pack consists of 70+ Instagram format templates that can be changed according to your taste and needs. You can adjust colors, fonts, elements on every single template within this pack.


Includes Carousel Post Templates

The most important feature of this bundle is Instagram carousel post templates which are very helpful in growing engagement process. According to some research, carousel posts have an engagement rate about 10% higher than for images and 33% higher than videos. Being more interactive, this Instagram posts type encourages to spend more time on the add.

Goes with Top Canva Hacks

Within Beige Realtor Insta Pack you will find not just how-to-use instructions but also the most helpful Canva Hacks that will simplify your work with Canva a lot! How to get a bold text in a second or how to find quickly only free elements instead of a mix of PRO and Free ones. A bunch of secret codes and keys combinations will become available instantly after the purchase.

Just a reminder.
Together with applying WordPress real estate web solutions and growing your real estate website, every successful realtor must work on their brand identity as well. If your business still can't be found online and in social media, you're missing out. Promotion on Instagram and Facebook is one of the most effective tools in real estate branding. Estatik provides ready-to-use branding solutions for your real estate Instagram accounts. We created a collection of our best Instagram Canva templates for you. Just check it out and feel free to ask us if any questions appear.

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