Canva Native IG Bundle


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Just imagine that you can finally create your stories and posts in a much faster and more professional way! Just like a PRO! This Bundle will almost do all work for you. Download and apply this 50 templates bundle on your Instagram profile.
* 50 ready-to-use post & story Instagram templates
* our support and guidance if need be

Please note that you need a free Canva account to use and edit it. Also properties images that you can see used in the templates are just samples.

it's all about money & time

Stop wasting YOUR money or time!

Start saving and use our ready-to-use Canva compatible Instagram Post & Story Bundle. Create an awesome Instagram account just in few minutes and get more leads! Our designers made a deep research of the most trendy color palette and layouts and designed these awesome templates.

fully customizable

Canva format

You become an owner of these awesome templates and can adapt it to your specific needs: apply unlimited colors, change fonts, edit content and upload your real photo and images!
But do not hurry! Our designers made a deep research of the most trendy color palettes and most popular layouts. You'll surely love it!


50 unique designs

50 brand new pre-made Canva editable templates for a real estate agent and agency. We prepared exactly what real estate agents need every day when maintaining their Instagram account! Start posting like a real PRO! Check out the templates this bundle includes: New listing, Just Sold, Just Rented, Listing Info, Testimonials, Statistics, This or That and many others!

Editable Instagram templates

How-to-use video guide

The best Instagram posts and stories solution for real estate agents is Estatik Canva Templates.

fully customizable

Suits any brand

With simply drag and drop steps, you can easily use, customize and adapt templates to your brand design. You are free to choose any color, font and add your brand logotype. Do unlimited revisions, create your unique, perfect solution.

just do it

How does it work?

Before purchase

Add it to your cart and create an account at Checkout page. Make sure you enter your email and other details correctly.

Payment methods

You can pay via credit card but feel free to contact us if you need any other payment method.

When it's paid

After your order is complete, you will receive an email with a PDF file with templates download links and how-to-use guide and tips from Estatik team

Create your free Canva account

All you need is to create a FREE account at Canva website and open the provided link. No Canva PRO is necessary!

Now it's completely YOURS!

Check out our PDF guide you receive after purchase or adapt your templates immediately! Leave it as it is, or play with colors, fonts and texts.

Still need help?

No problem. We are here for you. Drop us a message via chat window or Contact us page.