Estatik Premium Setup


Estatik Premium Setup service includes installation of the plugin, configuration all the available fields for every property type (Residential, Commercial, MultyFamily, Lease, LotsAndLand, etc.), testing manual/automatic import, setup cron jobs for automatic import according to customer’s requirements.

Access we need:
* admin access to your WordPress website (admin username / password),
* FTP access to your website folder (host, username and password),
* access to your hosting account or cpanel

How quickly will you set it up and launch the import?

We will need 5 working days if all access details are correct and we will not have any issues with connection from your MLS or hosting provider side.
We will need more time if there will be needed to wait for the correct access credentials or replies from hosting/MLS provider.

Who contacts my hosting provider if there any server issues appear?

We do not contact hosting providers of our customers directly, we can only advise what should be asked or requested and customers contact tech support of hosting provider themselves.

I do not have RETS credetials yet, may I order Setup service now?

No, please first get RETS credentials from your MLS provider for integration and then proceed with Estatik Premium and Setup Service purchase.

Does Setup Service include Estatik Premium plugin?

No, you need to buy Estatik Premium package, that also includes Setup service (installation and configuratin of Estatik Premium plugin).

How quickly will I have MLS listings imported into my website?

The import process starts after we configured and mapped MLS fields, i.e. after 5 working days and the speed of the synchronization depends on the your and your MLS provider’s server speed.

I'm ready to proceed, what are my steps?

1. Make sure you have RETS link, RETS username and password from your MLS provider.
2. Purchase Estatik Premium
3. Contact us with your order # and your full access data (admin access to your WordPress website (admin username / password), FTP access to your website folder (host, username and password), access to your hosting account or cpanel)
4. You will be offered to fill in MLS Fields Setup form. Once we receive the completed form from you, our team will be ready to start.
5. We cannot fulfill the service in its entirety in the following cases:
- if the customer doesn't answer our emails;
- if the customer doesn't provide us with required information - doesn't fill the form of give access credentials.
The service validity period is 2 (two) weeks. After this period, if we still have no answer or required information from the customer, the service has to be paid separately.

If I need setup for more than 1 website, how much should I pay?

Setup service for one website is included into Estatik Premium package. If you need to setup extra websites, you need to pay $98 per 1 website.

Do you provide refund for Setup service?

We do not provide refunds for service, so please read carefully and ask any questions before you decide to proceed.

Do you provide with demo sites integrated with MLS via Estatik Premium?

We can provide you with demo links per request. Please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as we can.