RETS & Web API MLS Listings Import

Import listings with its data and images from MLS server to
your website, setup manual or automatic synchronization

Automated or manual


Agents & agencies mapping

Multiple in connections

Pull real MLS data, no framing

Estatik Premium connects to your MLS server via RETS and pulls all data of your listing (fields, images, agents) to your WordPress website. In results you have all MLS listings published on your WordPress website, which is better for SEO and your custom editing.

Adjust, reorder and systemize fields in smart Field Builder

There is no need to import and update all unnecessary information from MLS.
You decide what to import and publish.

About Fields Builder

Automated or manual

Import manually or automatically

Estatic RETS allows you manually pull specific listings or import them
automatically using cron and based on selected time schedules.


Keep your listings updated

Together with automated import, Estatik synchronizes listings according to your schedules with the same listings on MLS side. Need expired or cancelled listings to be removed and pending - unpublished? Just one click and it is trashed or become invisible on your website!

Agents & Offices Data Import

  • Agents import

    Like you import listings, you can import agents with their contact
    information and photo. Import listings of selected agents and publish it on the website.

  • Listing Offices Import

    Find listings of required agents or company. Pull listings associated with
    a specific Listing Office right away.

Multiple in connections

Work with multiple RETS profiles

Have several MLS accounts with RETS integration option?
Estatic Premium is exactly what you need with its multiple RETS profiles feature.