Summarizing the year 2021 at Estatik

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December 29, 2021

This year has just flown by! First off, the pandemic still dominated our lives since the very first day of 2021. We all had to get used to "regular life". But the concept of "regular life" remained different for every single person. The consequences of the pandemic were still in the air. I would say the world continues to suffer from it and hasn't got used to new rules of life and business yet.
Luckily our web development area wasn't affected much as work online is already considered to be the norm. However, it might have greatly affected our customers - real estate agents and we also felt that. The coming 2022 year is associated with high expectations, positive stability, and growth in our minds.
It might seem that there was nothing important and much done this expiring 2021 year at Estatik. But in fact, our team did a lot of work behind the scenes. There were two new directions that we were focused on in both Marketing and Development departments. Let us present them below!

Estatik Major Beta 4.0

We're proud to announce the long-awaited release of Estatik Simple Beta 4. We admit that it took much more time and effort for us but on the other hand, we've never faced a project of this scale and complexity. Version 4 differs greatly from version 3 in all respects, namely:
1. The code. Even though we implemented the migration tool so you could smoothly move from the 3 to 4 version, the code in Version 4 is almost completely rewritten. The code in the new version is more flexible, customizable, and reliable.
2. The features. Sure we kept all the features from Version 3. But what we've also done is the implementation of new helpful features. For example, a must-have Map Search Layout with search results based on AJAX, Authentication process via social media accounts, and other advanced features become available in our free WordPress real estate plugin. Once you install it, you will have a new user experience where every stage of usage and configuration was greatly improved and optimized.
3. The design. You just need to see this. We created a new Estatik.

The new version is not public yet and we're working on this release, polishing it with a group of our loyal beta testers. If you want to join us and take part in these finishing touches, contact us and leave your email so we could get in touch with you at the nearest time.

Estatik Designs

Our customers' pains are the main subject for us. What we understood this year was that a good-looking and helpful WordPress real estate plugin with or without MLS import feature or WordPress real estate theme is not enough for this. Today every efficient and professional real estate agent or broker has to stay online and visible on social media platforms either. That's why we decided to launch a new project - Estatik Designs. The team that solves the pains of being efficient on social media 24 hours a day.
The first Estatik Designs product has become Instagram Canva templates for realtors. Check out our shop and get your first free Instagram Canva post templates from us.

To sum up, we strongly believe that the coming 2022 year will bring us a lot of new opportunities and prospects. Our team congratulates you with the end of the year. Let the New 2022 Year will come only with happinness, prosperity and growth!