Support Coverage

Estatik Support Coverage is a list of issues that are included in free support provided by Estatik team. Please read it below carefully and keep in mind when using Estatik products and services.

Estatik Free Support does cover:

1. Covering installation and setup issues connected with the plugins/themes bugs.

2. Fixing bugs in any of Estatik plugins/themes features and widgets.

3. Answering on how-to-install/how-to-use/how-to-congifure/how-to-update questions.

4. Fixing issues and providing help with update process from previous to current versions of plugin/themes, upgrade from Simple to Pro versions.

Estatik Support does NOT cover:

1. Issues with Estatik plugins/themes caused by 3d-party WordPress plugins or themes.

Our advice: please contact 3d-party WordPress provides to figure out the issue. From our side, we will confirm if this is 'their' job or not.

2. Issues caused by IE 8 and below.

Our advice: please upgrade right now to keep up to the pace!

3. Customization requests.

Our advice: please use Estatik Customization service and we will provide you with a quote and time frame.

4. Troubles caused by customer's web server.

Our advice: contact your hosting provider to check if your server meets our applications criteria.

5. Troubles caused in result of code modifications made by customer.

Our advice: please use Estatik Customization service if you want to add new features or let yourself be responsible for the plugin operation after you touched the code.

Estatik Support can be provided only:

a) via email (please use Contact Us form)

b) screenshots documentation and video tutorials

c) skype in urgent cases

We do not consult via phone or other devices.