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Estatik 2.2.2 released

Estatik 2.2.2 released. Bugs fixed & new features added…

Hey friends! Let us introduce Estatik Simple and Pro ver. 2.2.2. We fixed some bugs and added new features. When new version is installed, you may notice the following changes:

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Ver. 1.0.1 released

Estatik became translatable! Ver. 1.0.1 released!

We promised and we did it! Now you can translate Estatik plugin into any language you need via .po file included in the version 1.0.1! Let us instruct you in correct translation process.


Step #1. Download, install and setup Poedit program.


Poedit (Gettext translations editor) is the best tool for translating WordPress plugins and themes. This program is available for free at its official website - www.poedit.net. Download it, and install on your computer.

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estatik documentation

Estatik Documentation Published!

To make it a pleasure to work with Estatik products, we prepared a detailed documentation for you. Now you can find all information required for proper installing, configuring and using plugins and theme on Documentation pages or in Video tutorials.

Installation Guide, How-to-configure steps and Usage steps are described in Estatik Plugin Documenation. You can also read about widget settings there as well.

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