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How to import properties from MLS?

What is MLS and how to import its data? The most common question we receive from real estate startups every day.
MLS or Multiple Listings Service is a database of listings created and maintained by real estate professionals. There are between 600 - 700 MLSs in USA and about 100 MLSs in Canada. There is no national MLS which would include the data of the country. That is why if you are interested in MLS import for your real estate startup, you have to find and contact the MLS provider appropriate for your state or area. Each individual MLS provider has its own rules, agreements and fees for access to its services and listings data.

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Say BOO & grab your Halloween discount till November 3rd!

Treat yourself to discount real estate products of the highest quality on sale till November 3rd!


The whole range of products for real estate website with terrific discounts is a matter of minutes. Our sale prices make great websites a reality every day - just choose YOUR product

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Celebrate Independence Day with Estatik!

This year we're celebrating the 4th of July with a SALE you really won't want to miss. Only from 2nd to 9th of July we're declaring 50% discount for all Estatik products:

- Estatik Premium package with RETS import option

- Estatik Pro - full-featured real estate plugin

- Best Offer package that includes Estatik Pro plugin and one of our theme by your choice

- all Estatik themes - Native, Trendy or Project - with elegant design, great features and options

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Estatik Premium 3.6.4 & Rooms Configuration Guide (for Matrix RETS System)

Estatik Premium 3.6.4 release is a considerably important update for the Premium users who uses Matrix RETS system. Previously, the information about Rooms (size, level, room type) were flattened out in each listing and limited the system to only track information about a certain number of rooms. Now Rooms became a Class for a Listing Sub-table Resource. Everything is tied together with a “Matrix_Unique_ID”. This post will describe how you can map the required fields for Rooms and tie them to your listings.

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Estatik Premium (RETS) version released!

This is a great event as from now you can do much more with Estatik! If you need MLS integration and your MLS provider offers integration via RETS, the new Estatik Premium (RETS) version is exactly what you need! No customizations any more  now, just install, configure and launch the import.

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