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Halloween Mega Sale 2021!

We are not an exception. Estatik also respects traditions and holidays. Like all other WordPress plugins and themes providers we also launch sale at our plugins and themes shop on a regular yearly basis. If you're reading this post, it means Halloween's almost here! That means Estatik is pulling out all the stops as sales and special offers take center stage.

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Now there's a couple of different types of prednisone. A:you have been trying to Dix Hills misoprostol 600 price tell me something for 10 minutes. If the brand of the drug is not on the package insert,

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Multilingual real estate website: Pros & Cons

What makes a real estate website successful? There are some well-known features that you already know. Let us recall, for example, a great number of properties with great colorful pictures and video tours, advanced search tools, MLS import and synchronization feature, map searches, agent or agency details with great feedbacks from happy home buyers, etc. However, there is one feature that many real estate agents and realtors neglect. What we are going to cover here is the benefits of a multilingual real estate website.

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Estatik V.3.11.0 ready. What’s new?

While everyone was busy trying out and testing our brand new Canva Realtor Instagram Bundle, our team behind the scenes was working on new 3.11.0 version of our plugin. The update is very important because it includes a lot of long-awaited features like customizable property boxes, login via Google and Facebook accounts and many others. Let us review a few right here...

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