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Getting Started with MLS Import via Trestle Corelogic

The real estate market is competitive, and the industry is unusual in that competitors must work together to secure a successful transaction. MLS systems make it easier for them to collaborate.
Today, through MLSs, realtors share information about homes they have listed and invite other realtors to help them sell in exchange for a commission if they find a buyer. Increased exposure to a seller's property benefits them, and buyers benefit from the fact that they may access information on all MLS-listed houses while working with only one realtor.

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Effective Real Estate Branding. How to get started.

How to stand out from a crowd and become a distinctive and memorable real estate agent? That's a good question.. and hard work. Branding is not easy but it is very important in real estate area. And if you're here and reading this post, you've finally got this. Let's discuss the basics of successful real estate branding and the first steps you should take to achieve the maximum impact.

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