We are happy to introduce you an updated Estatik 3.8.5! Here is a short recap of most awesome goodies you can try now with this just released version of Estatik plugin.

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1. Absolutely new PDF flyer!

Yeah, you will be excited to see how cool PDF brochure looks now. We have redesigned it completely and added a bunch of additional settings you can use now.

In Sharing & PDF settings Estatik PRO and Premium users have now additional options: PDF layout (single photo or photo gallery), map zoom, QR code yes/no option (that will forward you to the property web page), contact details, sections select options with drag & drop feature:

Please note that if you select Photo Gallery, you will require to re-upload images to make thumbs look fine or they will be cropped.

2. Multiple fields drag & drop feature added

Now you can move at once as many fields in Fields Builder as you need, forget tedious dragging one by one:

3. Filter by price range added in Import

We always try to add most frequently asked features. With Estatik Premium 3.8.5 you can select and import listings within the specified price range. This feature is applicable both to Manual and Automatic import.

Here is a list of other improvements and fixes we included in this release:

* Sections display fixed
* Map markers zoom issue fixed
* PHP 7.2 compatibility fixed
* Sorting on search results pages fixed
* Search widget conflict with Elementor builder solved
* Security fixes
* Some optimization fixes
* Option to assign multilple listings to Agent added (PRO & Premium)
* Reset option for Updated/Deleted listings added (Premium)
* Updated listings logs in a popup added (Premium)
* Total # of listings in Manual import added (Premium)
* Filter by price range added (Premium)
* Fixed property empty fields saving
* CSV import fixed
* minor fixes

Enjoy new features and contact us if any questions appear!

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