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We bet you've already heard about RESO Web API and MLSs transition from RETS to Web API a lot. However the ways of this transition still remain not clear enough for every single MLS organization. MLS Grid has become one of those solutions which help real estate brokers interested in MLS import and product vendors make that shift. So here is our short review about what the MLS Grid platform is, its benefits and how it actually works.

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Main benefits

In a nutshell, MLS Grid is a specific platform created by a network of MLSs in order to allow brokers, MLSs and vendors to cooperate efficiently eliminating a lot of technical, licensing and other challenges in real estate industry. This 100% RESO compliant platform provides data directly from MLS creating a single feed offering a single agreement. Sounds promising, doesn't it? Consequently, all the three parties (brokers, MLSs and vendors) save a lot of legal and technology costs.

To date, MLS Grid platform includes 10 MLS organizations serving over 200,000 brokers and agents. Here they are:

* Austin MLS (Texas)
* Carolina MLS (North and South Carolina)
* Heartland MLS (Kansas City)
* MARIS (St. Louis)
* MIBOR (Indianapolis)
* MRED (Chicagoland)
* MyFloridaRegional MLS (Northern Florida)
* Northstar MLS (Minnesota)
* Northwest MLS (Seattle)
* Realtracs (Tennessee)

How it works

Since MLS Grid IDX approval is 100% online, the sign up procedure won't take much time and effort.
First off, agents select their preferred vendor and get approval by their broker. After that, an agent sings up for service with the selected vendor and both agent and broker immediately receive an email with a link to the data license. When they sign the agreement, it is passed to MLS for approval. As soon as MLS approves it, IDX approval can be considered to be completed successfully.

MLS Grid & Estatik

Estatik can work with MLS Grid but there are some requirements which depend on MLS provider. In case if your MLS works with MLS Grid and you're going to import listings via this platform, please contact us before you decide to proceed with Estatik Premium purchase.

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