Our festive break is over and we all are back to work! Despite the slight delay, it brings us great joy to announce a cool Estatik 3.8.2 release. A great number of important fixes and refinements was implemented in this fresh version of Estatik plugin.
The full list of changes can be found in the plugin Dashboard - > Changelog but to give you a glimpse of the changes, let us review some of the most important changes here.

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Private fields & sections

You asked us to enhance the plugin with this helpful feature so often that we just couldn't postpone it anymore! Now you can create and hide private information from your website visitors and make it visible to Agents or Admins only. This secret feature is hidden in our Fields Builder.
To make your field or the entire section private, just create it via Fields Builder and select your user group for which your field or section should be visible.

The new feature is available in all three versions: Estatik Simple, Estatik PRO and Estatik Premium. The only difference is that Estatik Simple has only for Admin option as it doesn't include Agents feature.

Estatik Premium Configuration UI improved

In previous it was rather time-consuming to add new fields via Fields Builder first and then map them in MLS/RETS Import -Configuration area.
With Premium 3.8.2 you can create and map new fields simultaneously without leaving the Configuration page.

There are other improvements and some bug fixes so we highly recommend to update. Upgrading to Estatik 3.8.2 is fairly simple, all you have to do is hit the single click updater found at the back-end of your site, or download the full package installer from your Downloads area and run the installation as usual. If you choose second way, please remove the previous version first. Do not worry about data, everything will be safe and won't be deleted.

Feel free to get in touch with our team should you require any assistance at all.

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