Instagram for Real Estate: Find your best leads

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January 6, 2021

Ask anyone if they love social media and the answer will mostly be "yes". According to different sources an average person spends about 2 hours per day on social media, and Instagram takes almost an entire hour every single day. However only 40% of real estate agents use Instagram for business. Let's have a look why so many realtors miss this great opportunity to attract more leads and get more buyers.

The thing is we might not be aware of all tricks that Instagram offers and how we can make use of them. We hope a list of our top 10 tips will be helpful and you will finally kickstart your Instagram real estate account.

1. Know your audience & discover content they will love

If you switch to a business account you will get access to more information about your followers: demographics, age, gender, which posts they save. Thus you'll get to know your audience better. Remember, real estate is local and your followers or potential buyers can be interested not only in your listings but in different things connected to your area: events, holidays, places, entertainments, etc.

2. Focus on quality more than quantity

Have a high quality of your content and create a content strategy. Never post "something". Spend more time and dive deeper into real estate news and new facts in your niche to make your content exciting, catchy and share-worthy. Post high-quality images and try to keep to a color scheme throughout your feed.

3. Post timely

Another way to keep the traffic on your channel is by posting timely (but mind the trick #2). You need to maintain a proper gap between the two posts or advertisements. To do this you can maintain a timetable or a schedule for your posts. There are many Instagram schedulers on the Internet today and some of them are absolutely free. They can help to create a bunch of posts beforehand, save your time later and score more traffic.

4. Gain the trust of your followers

Building the trust of your audience is one of the very important goals for every real estate agent or agency. If you want your buyers to trust you, you need to be deserving of their trust. That means being honest and transparent about what they can expect from your company. Posting great sales stories, satisfied and happy buyers' feedbacks will do its work. Instagram stories have also this trust-building magic as your followers can see your face, feel your presence and understand better your personality.

5. Educate your audience

Today's Instagram is a powerful source of new information, knowledge and experience. People all over the world share a lot of information with each other. You can share your knowledge, opinion and experience as well. Buyers and sellers often use social media to find answers and helpful tips. So, make sure you’re posting such information regularly. You can post quick tips, pictures of listings, motivational quotes, links to helpful advice.

6. Post videos

Videos on Instagram, called IGTV, are becoming increasingly popular. You can post personal messages, video tours of new listings, interviews with happy clients, and more. You can even talk face-to-face to your audience. Use Highlight tabs, properly name them and save your the most appealing stories there. Feature just listed properties or virtual tours there.

7. Hashtags are the new SEO

Using right hashtags on your posts will attract more customers and will increase your sales. Your hashtags will help your targeted customers to find you. You can only use 30, and you should use 30. Consider creating your own branded hashtag in your bio and posts.

8. Promote specials & open hours

Instagram is a great place to inform your potential buyers about upcoming open hours or special prices. Your stories will disappear in a day which is the best format for time-sensitive information. Have some cool news available right now? Don't hesitate to share it with your audience via stories!

9. Showcase exclusive features or amenities

... using stunning well-lit photos and 3D virtual home tours. Make your potential buyers to be wowed by what they just saw and save or share it with their followers referring to your account.

10. Give people a sneak peak into your personal life

Believe it or not, many people are curious about everyday life of a realtor. This kind of content will grow their trust in you and can bring more leads. And lastly, ENGAGE, ENGAGE, ENGAGE! It’s really important for building those connections with potential clients. Comment and like on people’s posts, watch and reply to people’s stories, replying to people's comments on your post.

Use our tips right and you'll find yourself with a powerful tool to define your real estate agent brand and get regular leads from it.

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