Estatik customization service Estatik Customization Service

Using Estatik plugin you may need some adjustments and customizations to make your real estate website meet your demands absolutely. With Estatik Customization service you can order any change anything: from a light design change to custom widgets and features.
Let us do any kind of extra customization of Estatik plugin or theme. We know the code of our plugins best of all and you can be sure that our dev will do this job much better than anybody else!

Getting started

Please fill up a quote request on this page and provide us with your specification list. Attach any information you think is necessary: screenshots, pdf files, video, sample links, etc. The better your specification, the faster we can start the project.

Waiting for a quote

We can provide you with estimation as soon as we specify all the details and no quesitons remain. If everything is clear and nothing left to specify, you will get a quote within 1 working day. In case if your customization is more complex, it can take several days.

Quote received. What's next?

If you accept our offer and ready to pay, we can move further after 50% advance payment from you. Second half of customization price will be paid after you check our job and have no questions to its quality. When customization is finished, you will get access data from us to check it on our server. If everything works great for you, you pay the rest of money an get customization project moved to your website. Note: please do not do any code changes till we haven't finished the project.

Project is closed but I found some issues!?

Our customers have life-time bug-free guarantee for the customized website. It means that every bug found on your website after the project was done will be fixed asap and for free. In case if there were added new features into stable version of the plugin AFTER your customization was done and these new features are not compatible with the custom changes in your child plugin, we do not guarantee that these specific new features will work properly without extra coding/customization. But we do guarantee that your custom version will still work fine independently on new features, i.e. all the customized features will work fine as well as the rest of plugin, except the new features added after customization and influenced by modified code. If any issues appear after plugin update, we provide support and bug-free guarantee for the customized website.