MLS integration service

MLS integration service is offered by most of real estate software providers and we are not an exception. Please go on reading to get full information about service.

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What is MLS integration

MLS or Multiple Listing Service is a database of listings created and maintained by real estate professionals. It contains full information about broker's listings and allows to pull it with the help of special technologies like RETS or RESO API. In result of integration all listings placed on MLS provider website are imported to broker/agent real estate website.

Methods of MLS integration

There are four methods of MLS integration: RETS (Real Estate Transaction Service), RESO API, IDX Framing (Internet Data Exchange) and IDX FTP. IDX Framing simply displays MLS listings on your website via iFrame, i.e. there is no real transfer of your listings. This method is simple in development but poor for your website design and SEO. IDX via FTP means that MLS listings will be transfered to your website from MLS website via FTP. Here you can select intervals how often it should transfer listings. RETS and RESO API integration is so-called organic MLS integration and is done via RETS/API technology which was launched later than IDX via FTP protocol but became one of the most popular now - this method is applied in Estatik Premium plugin version.

My MLS offers RETS for import.

If your MLS provider offers RETS/API, you can use our Estatik Premium version that includes RETS/API import option. To set it up correctly, please use our Documentation. You can also order setup service here.

Further support & guidance

You have annual support and guidance for any Estatik product - and for Estatik Premium plugin as well. So if you have any issues or questions, just let us know - we will help to sort it out.