Estatik Plugin Documentation

Installation & Setup


Thank you for choosing Estatik. To make you enjoy our products in full we have prepared this detailed step-by-step documentation. It will teach you how to set up, configure, manage and update Estatik Pro and Simple versions.

Before installing the plugin and its widgets, make sure that you have everything prepared for that:

  1. file with plugin downloaded from
  2. WordPress of version 4.0 or higher
  3. activated Estatik themes or any other WordPress theme
  4. proper hosting settings, i.e.:

Also Estatik works smoothly with:

  • Linux Host
  • Apache Server 2.x.x or higher
  • PHP 5.3.x or higher
  • MySQL 5.x.x or higher
  • WordPress 3.0.1 or higher
  • CURL Library
  • Allow_url_fopen set to ON in php.ini
  • cPanel (recommended but not necessary)
  • GD Library




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To install the plugin properly, please follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to your WordPress admin panel (
  2. Go to Plugins > Add new
  3. Click Upload button
  4. Click Browse button and select the file with plugin downloaded from
  5. Click on Install now button and wait.
  6. You will see the message that plugin was installed successfuly if installation was done properly.
  7. Activate the plugin right away to start working with it immediately.



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Settings – General

Check a screenshot below and detailed explanation under it.

  1. 1. Powered link – Yes/No – You can switch off link Powered by which is published in the bottom of the page by default.


  1. 2. Listing publishing – Automatic/Manual. If it is set to Yes, it means that all listings that are added by Agent will be published automatically without Admin approval.


  1. 3. Number of listings per page = number of listings that you can see on the page.


  1. 4. Show price – Select No to hide the price.


  1. 5. Title/Address allows to select what you want to be placed on frontend in the title of the listing. Show Address – select No to hide the address.


  1. 6. Show Labels – leave it active or hide them.


  1. 7. Date Added field – can be switched off by this option. Date format – Select the one you want from drop-down field.


  1. 8. Theme Style – great option to adjust the plugin according to your theme style. Light for light skins and dark for dark ones.


  1. 9. Google Map API key – read here please.


  1. 10. Logo settings – it is LOGO image for admin login page, not your website.


This is how your General Settings of the plugin can be configured. Feel free to contact us if something still remains not clear.



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Settings – Layouts

Layouts tab is created for playing with the plugin look and choosing the best layout of single property page and all listings page.



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Settings – Currency

With Estatik PRO and Simple plugin you can select different currency and price format. In case if you need some currency which is not available in the plugin yet, drop us a message and we will add it for you and include in the next update.



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Settings – Sharing

Sharing tab allows you to switch off/on them on frontend on single property page.



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Google Map API Setup

When adding new listing, you will be asked to add Google Map API key first. To add it, go to General Settings of the plugin and fill in the field Google Map API key.

To get API key, please follow these instructions. Feel free to ask for help if you didn’t success in it.



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Data manager

Before creating your property listings, we advise you to configure data manager according to your requirements.

Data manager is a list of customizable values and features that you choose when adding your property listing. Property category, status, type, features, labels settings should be set up and checked in this part of the plugin.

To open Data Manager, go to Estatik >> Data Manager, and check the tabs one by one. To add new fields, just enter information in the fields and click Add new field.

To delete the field, just click check mark of the field selected and it will be deleted.



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Migration ver. 2.4.0 => 3.0

If you have version 2.4.0 and older and need to update it to Estatik Simple or Pro ver. 3.0. Please follow the isntructions below.

1.Make sure that you have the latest backup of your website. Make it if you haven’t.

2. Deactivate and Delete the plugin via Plugins section in your admin area. Make sure that the plugin is deleted. If not, you will receive message that the folder ‘estatik’ already exists.

3. Install the new 3.0 version of the plugin downloaded on this website and activate it.

4. Once you activated new version, you will see new Migartion tab in the plugin settings. Click on Migrate button.

5. Migration process may take some time. It depends on how many listings and images you have. Please be patient and do not worry if it takes more time than you expected. If you have more than 50 listings and each has images, it may take 20-30 mins.

6. If the migration was completed successfully, you will see the page with all your listings:

7. Once migrated all listings will have no address in frontend and the map will not work until you add Google Maps API key in your new version plugin Settings.



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Update if I have custom changes

Estatik 2.4.0 and earlier versions do not allow to update without saving custom change. It means that if you have custom changes and need to update to the version 3.0 or higher, you will have to repeat customization or do not update.

Customers who have ver. 3.0 have no such problem and all customizations will be saved after every update.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding it, please contact us and we will reply all of them.



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Upgrade: Simple to Pro

To upgrade Simple to Pro version, please purchase Estatik Pro first, download it via email link and go to your wp-admin >> Estatik >> Estatik Pro.

There you will find Browse field and Upload button. Have a look at screenshot below:

upgrade to pro version

You can be sure that all listings added before will be remained. All you need is to add extra information to pro tabs and fields.



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CSV import of Listings with Images

1.To import properties to your website, first please download sample of CSV file from Estatik plugin. To do this, go to Estatik >> CSV Import and press Download sample button.

2. Then open your CSV file with Excel and you will see how new properties should be added to the file.

To continue you can remove sample data and add your listings data in the same file.

How to include images into CSV file?

Images import is also possible as links to the files. You need to enter the links in the format e.g. in the column of the CSV file – Image

3. Save the file with the same format – *csv and return to Estatik >> CSV Import and Upload your CSV file.

If you did everything correctly you will see bar like this:

New listings will be displayed in Status you selected in your Listings page:



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Create map view

To add map to the page with listings, you should create page with corresponding shortcode.

To configure the map, please go to Settings of the plugin -> Map and select required value in drop-down first:

Then you can select the option for category/type/status, etc. and set up icons like you like most:

Under map icons, you can configure width and height of the map as well as the number of listings.

In case if you did everything correct but nothing displays, please make sure that you have entered Google Map API key in Settings.



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Here we provide a list of shortcodes that you can use when building your real estate website with Estatik Simple or Pro.

1. To create different pages, please enter shortcodes below into single page:

[es_my_listing layout=”list | 3_col | 2_col”]

[es_my_listing sort=”recent | highest_price | lowest_price | most_popular”]

[es_my_listing prop_id=”1,2,5,6…n”]

[es_my_listing category=”category name”]

[es_my_listing status=”status name”]

[es_my_listing type=”type name”]

[es_my_listing rent_period=”rent period 1″]

[es_my_listing show_filter=1/0] – where 1 – show and 0 – hide it.

[es_my_listing posts_per_page=”3″] – in case if you do not use it, number of listings is taken from Settings.

[es_city city=”city name”] (PRO)

[es_state state=”state name”] (PRO)

[es_country country=”country name”] (PRO)

[es_features feature=”a,b,c,d”] (PRO)





2. Below are shortcodes for Map view (PRO):

[es_property_map show=”all”]

[es_property_map type=”your type”]

[es_property_map category=”your category”]

[es_property_map status=”your status”]

[es_property_map rent_period=”your period”]

[es_property_map limit=20]

[es_property_map prop_ids=”1,2,3,4,5″]

[es_property_map address=”your address string”]

[es_property_map width/height=”100px/50%”]

3. To create page with slideshow, please use the following shortcode (PRO):

[es_property_slideshow show=”all”]

[es_property_slideshow limit=”20″]

[es_property_slideshow show_arrows=1/0] – where 1 – to show arrows, 0 – hide them

[es_property_slideshow limit=”20″]

[es_property_slideshow slider effect=”vertical/horizontal”]

[es_property_slideshow slides_to_show=”3″]

all other attributes from the list with [es_my_listing]

5. To assign different layouts to different pages, please use shortcodes below or select it from Layouts in plugin Settings:

[es_my_listing layout=”list | 3_col | 2_col”]

6. To create lists with different labels, please use the following shortcode plus any other attributes applicable to [es_my_listing]

[es_labels label=”label_name”]

7. Shortcodes for Agents and Subscriptions usage (PRO):


[es_listing_agent name=”agent username”]





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Agents registration

Agents can register themselves via site or they can be added by Admin manually.

1. To add Agent manually Admin should go to Estatik >> Add new agent and fill in the fields with agent’s detail and upload photo.


2. To register Agent needs to open Log in page and follow registration procedure. Admin gets notification email about new registrations as well as new properties submitted. He can activate them via website admin – Estatik >> Agents and Estatik >> Properties.


Once new agents are added to Estatik, they are added to Users with role – Agent.



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Adding properties

To add new property, go to Estatik plugin >> Add new property.

Enter title of the listing and description. Then go to the bottom and check Basic info, Media and Address tabs:

To upload images, first upload it to Media > Library and select them. Also, you can drag and drop images to change their order in frontend.

To add video, please enter the code like displayed on screenshot.

Do not forget to Publish or Save draft before closing the page.



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Menu setup

With Estatik plugin you can assign to separate menus properties of different categories, types, statuses, single properties, featured/latest/cheapest properties, all agents, agent profile, properties management panel.

Make sure that you have your screen options configured right – check mark Properties, Property categories, types, statuses.

To do it succesfully, please open Appearance >> Menus, choose menu which you want to configure and select from the left column page, property, category, type, or status you want to assign to menu item.




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Adding video

To add video to Estatik Pro, please open your wp-admin and go to Estatik >> Add new property >> Media.

There you should enter the embed code of your video which you can get on website from your video provider.

Estatik video adding docs




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General Setup & Test Mode

To activate and use Subscription features, please make sure that you have registered Advanced PayPal Payments account.

Please check screenshot below and its detailed explanation under it.

  1. 1. Enable Subscription. By default this option is set to No. That means that every User who registered as Agent is allowed to submit his listings right away. If you change it to YES, website will require Agent to choose and subscribe to one of Subscription Plans.


  1. 2. Subscription Expired Subject.  Please write there Subject that is most appropriate for you.


3. Subscription Expired Message. Here you can see the default message about expiration of subscription plan. You can edit it according to your requirements.


4. PayPal Subscription Settings. 

PayPal Mode – select Sandbox Test mode or Live mode.

To test it before launching, please log in here >>  and create Test account. Then you need to click on Profile of your Business test account:

Popup window will show you required credentials in API Credentials tab for filling up fields in admin settings / Business credentials:

Thus you will have this information in your Subscription test mode settings:

Once you configured admin area, to test payment procedure, please enter Buyer credentials from your sandbox account when you will be redirected to PayPal page:



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Create Subscriptions

Make sure that you have activated Subscriptions in Settings:

When you activated Subscriptions, you can see Add new subscription option in Estatik plugin sections.

Click on Add new subscription and fill in the form that is opened.

Check below explanatory screenshot to fill in the fields correctly:

1. Property qty – Quantity of listings that this specific Plan allows to add. 

2. Featured qty – The number of listings that can be marked with Featured label.

3. Period – The period of time after which this specific Subscription plan will expire and needed to be prolonged to be valid.

4. Currency – Currency for Subcriptions prices.

5. Price renewal – Sum of money that must be paid to renew Subscription plan.

6. Trial period – In case if Admin will decide to offer free trials, this is the field where you can select periods: Week, Month, Year.



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Subscription Table

Table with your subscription plans will appear on your website only after you create page with shortcode – [es_subscription_table].


Once you do it, you will get your plans available for agents.



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Request form

Together with Estatik Pro plugin Request form widget is installed as well. You can find it in Appearance >> Widgets in Available widgets area.

Drag and drop it to the required Sidebar and configure its settings: title, request message and receiver options.


Important: Request form is displayed only on single property page and can’t be showed/hidden on other pages. That is why you do not see show/hide settings in this widget unlike Search and Slideshow.



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Slideshow widget is installed together with Estatik Pro plugin and can be found as well as Search in Appearance >> Widgets.

Please drag it to the Sidebar you want it to be displayed and configure options highlighted on a screenshot below:


Click Save to save your settings.



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Once you installed Estatik Pro or Simple, you will get Search widget installed with it as well.

To activate it, you need to drag widget from Available widgets area to Sidebar you want it to be displayed. Just go to Appearance >> Widgets and have a look at a screenshot bellow:

adding search

What you can do with it is to select layout – vertical or horizontal, to select what fields should be switched on and which of them not active, on which pages to show and hide it.


Do not forget to save your settings.



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