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How to enable my 1st year free support

We offer one year of free support for one website for each paid Estatik product. Still support subscription is required to be able to add tickets in support area. This can be done in your account>>  on

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Please, login to your account, open "Subscriptions" section and click "+" icon.


Then enter your website access information into the form


1 - Link to the backend of your website, admin login and password.

2 - FTP access that allows to transfer files between computers on a network.

3 - cPanel access is used for managing web hosting service accounts and in some cases required for technical support.

4 - Additional information you think we should know.

Once the form is filled fully, please click "Finish" button.

Free subscription should be ordered just like any other Estatik product. After the website data form is filled, payment page with $0 subscription cost will open. Please, read and confirm Privacy Policy and Terms of Use and click "Place Order".


The message "Thank you for payment" will mean that your support subscription is ordered successfully, and section "Submit new ticket" will become available.



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How to enable support for another website

If you need to add the second, third etc. websites to your Estatik account, support for them can be offered on paid basis.

Please, fill the form with new website access data, as described here>> and proceed with payment. The cost for support subscription depends on Estatik product you use. Payment form includes the following information:

1. Coupon code - please, add it if you have any.

2. Your credit card data.

3. Privacy Policy and Terms of Use checkbox.

4. Place Order button that finishes the process.


The message "Thank you for payment" will inform that support subscription for your new website is activated. New tickets can be added in "Submit New Ticket" section.



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How to submit a ticket

Make sure you that you successfully added your website in your Subscriptions and enabled support. Once your support subscription is ordered, you can proceed with tickets submitting. Please, go to the section "Submit New Ticket" and fill the ticket form


1. Subject: add general question of the ticket.

2. Website URL: share a link to website page where the issue can be checked.

3. Priority: add your urgency assessment for created ticket.

4. Status: choose the stage of ticket review.

5. Website: select the site you added for support subscription from the drop-down list.

6. Product: choose Estatik product you have issues with.

7. Version: Estatik product version is selected automatically.

8. Text box: detailed description of the issue you faced. Please, give us as much information about the issue you faced as possible. Add screenshots as attachments, if needed.

Once the form is filled, please, click "Submit Your Ticket" button.

That's all! Your ticket is now available in "Tickets" section.




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