Estatik 2.2.2 released

Hey friends! Let us introduce Estatik Simple and Pro ver. 2.2.2. We fixed some bugs and added new features. When new version is installed, you may notice the following changes:

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View first menu Yes/No display settings

Numerous customers asked for this feature and we understand that we must add it as soon as possible. Now you can show or hide View first menu from all listings page.




Bug fixes

1) Correct redirection for agents when logged into frontend management.


Now when agents are logged into frontend management they are not forwarded to home page of website but remain on the same page of listings management.


2) Currency format 99 999 fixed.


Version 2.2.1 didn't save the format 99 999 in admin part but saved for frontend part only. We repaired it. Thanks to whirre from WordPress forum who pointed it out.


3) Half baths added in frontend management part.


There was still bathrooms withous halves in frontend management part. We improved it as well and added decimals to this field.


5) Fixed search results on 2, 3 pages and further.


Second and further pages didn't show correct search results. It discarded search parameters and showed all listings. We made it work properly.


6) Popup icon in admin map was returned.


The icon was missing on the admin part in Add new/Edit listing part. We returned it.


We would appreciate your feedbacks and suggestions in regards to next releases. Feel free to drop us a message and share your opinion with us. We hear all of you!

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