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wordpress integration with trestle

Getting Started with MLS Import via Trestle Corelogic

The real estate market is competitive, and the industry is unusual in that competitors must work together to secure a successful transaction. MLS systems make it easier for them to collaborate.
Today, through MLSs, realtors share information about homes they have listed and invite other realtors to help them sell in exchange for a commission if they find a buyer. Increased exposure to a seller's property benefits them, and buyers benefit from the fact that they may access information on all MLS-listed houses while working with only one realtor.

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mls grid

What is the MLS Grid and how does it work?

We bet you've already heard about RESO Web API and MLSs transition from RETS to Web API a lot. However the ways of this transition still remain not clear enough for every single MLS organization. MLS Grid has become one of those solutions which help real estate brokers interested in MLS import and product vendors make that shift. So here is our short review about what the MLS Grid platform is, its benefits and how it actually works.

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As you know there are great changes in today's real estate tech market. In June, 2018 RESO stopped supporting RETS officially and offered to convert to RESO Web API, "the next advancement that realtors deserve today". It is built on more efficient, open technology standards. Consequently RESO Web API technology is gradually replacing RETS (Real Estate Transaction Standard). Even though RETS is still being used by majority of MLS providers, more and more MLS providers have to become RESO Web API compliant and announce their dates of switching to Web API. So what's the real difference between these technologies?

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