Estatik 3.9.5 is a major step forward in your real estate website SEO improvement. Our team has enhanced Estatik with new auto tags and dynamic content feature, which will boost your website visibility immediately.
Let's have a look how you can benefit from new 3.9.5 features.

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Auto Tags

Estatik 3.9.5 (all the versions) includes new SEO tab in Settings where you need to enable Auto tags feature first.

When enabled, Tags will be displayed in your plugin menu where you can add your custom tags you need, one by one.

In case if added tags are found in your properties description, the plugin will automatically generate these tags in your properties and will create /tag/ pages. You can make tags linkable or not in the plugin settings.

Dynamic Content

That's another cool feature you might be inspired with! Let's have a look at how it looks and works like! With ver. 3.9.5 you can add your custom dynamic content using our html template. The plugin will automatically pick up required values (category, price, type, city, etc.) and display it on every single property page.

Follow the link to our Documentation to learn more about new new features.


* NEW: Auto tags functionality implemented (all versions)
* NEW: Create custom google map listing popup (PRO & Premium)
* NEW: MLS date field value to timestamp value is converted to Estatik date format (PRO & Premium)
* NEW: Changed the "Most popular" name to"Featured" in the drop-down list of the listing filters (all versions)
* FIX: Dropdown lists in the Generator of shortcodes fixed (all versions)
* FIX: The footer on the first page of the pdf file fixed (PRO & Premium)
* FIX: The "Combine CSS File" is not broken layout in the SG Optimizer
* FIX: The "Choose value" in the search form fields fixed (all versions)
* FIX: The "Estatik Search" widget issue fixed (all versions)
* minor fixes

The update procedure is usual. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us via Support Area.

Take care!


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    Awesome work. Good to see my suggestion in the fixlist too!
    Keep up the good work

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