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We continue working on Estatik Premium plugin which allows to import your MLS listings via RETS connector. This new release is much improved by a list of minor and major fixes and features. Let us lighten some of them in detail.

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Multiple RETS profiles connections

New version allows you to use and connect to several MLS accounts, i.e. use different RETS credentials for one WordPress website. How it works?
1. Add your first RETS credentials and click Connect button. If you see that Connection is successful, it means you have connected currently to your MLS account and can configure the fields and setup import.
2. When you need to connect to another MLS account and use different RETS credentials, you need to return to MLS RETS Import and add your second credentials and Save them.
3. Now you can switch from one to another profile by clicking on Connect button.


Do I need to map MLS fields separately for every RETS (MLS) profile?

Yes, you do. For instance, you made full setup for Username 1 and connected to the second Username 2 profile. It will be not possible to make import unless you map the fields for the second profile as well. You need to do that once but for every profile you will have in your list.

How does automated import work for a list of MLS profiles?

It works in the same way as for one profile. Once it has finished import for the first profile, it will switch to the second one and so on.

What if I remove one profile from my list accidentally? Will all configuration be removed as well?

Yes, the fields configuration will be removed. Only listings that were imported from this MLS account before the removal will be remained.

Please check out Documentation page for Multiple RETS connections and other features here.

Other fixes in ver. 3.3.5

* Agents import fixes
* Changed property qty for agents
* Resource label fixed
* Date added fixed
* Edit option in schedules added
* Tooltips added
If you have any questions regarding this or previous release, please contact us and our support team will help!

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