WordPress Real Estate Integration with Canadian Real Estate Association

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September 20, 2021

First off, let's get started with what Canadian Real Estate Association DDF is. It is Data Distribution Facility created by The Canadian Real Estate Association abbreviated as CREA. It was designed to help real estate brokerages promote their listings on their websites and get more leads.
The CREA DDF feed format is compatible with Estatik WordPress Real Estate Solutions, namely Estatik Premium.
If you’ve ever heard about MLS import via CREA DDF but have no idea how to get started with it, information below will shed light on the entire process.

RETS vs. DDF: what's the difference?

To start with, CREA's DDF feed adheres as closely as possible to RETS (Real Estate Transaction Standard). However, there are a few key differences:

1. DDF (Data Distribution Facility) was created by Canadian Real Estate Association in 2012. It is specific and implemented only in this association. While RETS, a younger standard, was launched in 1999 by the National Association of Realtors and is applicable to both American and some Canadian MLS.
But, this type of facility offers access to the national pool of listings and can be used by Canadians only, while RETS can be still used in both USA and Canada.
2. Query support is restricted in Data Distr. It doesn't allow specific querying of records. If you need results filtering, you need to configure it at tools.realtorlink.ca. RETS is much more flexible and configurable.
3. RETS is already a deprecated data standard and replaced by RESO Web API in most of MLS.
4. In DDF any search request with a limit greater than the server maximum will be rejected.

Is DDF feed SEO friendly?

Absolutely. This is what RETS and DDF have in common. With CREA DDF you have organic MLS integration which means you have all SEO benefits. As all listings data and images are imported and stored on your website, make sure your hosting provider meets all the requirements needed for smooth import and synchronization process. Below is the recommended settings for your hosting plan:
100 – 1000 listings: 1 GB ram 1 CPU
1000 - 5000 listings: 2 Gb ram and 2 CPU
Please note that the configuration above is individual and can vary. In most cases it depends on the amount of listings and images each listing has. Also, we recommend to check out our FAQ page that will reply many questions.

Where can I get DDF feed access?

The first step you should make 
is to get your DDF authentication credentials. You need to register your data feed at http://www.realtorlink.ca and once you've become an owner of your feed you have access to your feed credentials: URL, username and password. This is all we need from you to get started with configuration and setup process. Simply put, follow these 5 simple steps:

1. Register at http://www.realtorlink.ca
2. Request data feed and receive it to your email.
3. Purchase Estatik Premium (AFTER! you received feed access)
4. Contact us and provide our team with feed access
5. 3-5 working days passed, get a website with up-to-date CREA's real estate listings

How can I connect to CREA?

There's no need to do anything for you. Fortunately, our Estatik Premium plugin allows you to have seamless integration of your WordPress real estate website with CREA DDF. Estatik Premium Package includes free setup and fields configuration service. Our timeline for this process is 5 working days if your website server completely meets the requirements.

If any questions or concerns appeared, please do not hesitate to contact our knowledgeable team via Chat or Contact us page. We will be happy to help!

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