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crea ddf import into wp

How To Import Listings From Canadian CREA DDF

The Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) represents over 115,000 Canadian real estate brokers, agents, and salespeople. CREA is the go-to source for real estate news and statistics for the media, policymakers, consumers, and the sector itself.
CREA publishes monthly reports on existing home sales, new housing trends, and concerns affecting the housing industry. This includes the monthly data on existing house sales as well as the monthly market segmentation reports for new homes. It also publishes quarterly reports of housing market activities in Canada's largest markets.

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CREA DDF WordPress Real Estate Integration

First off, let's get started with what CREA DDF is. DDF is Data Distribution Facility created by CREA (The Canadian Real Estate Association). It was designed to help real estate brokerages promote their listings on their websites and get more leads.
The CREA DDF feed format is compatible with Estatik WordPress Real Estate Solutions, namely Estatik Premium.
If you’ve ever heard about MLS import via CREA DDF but have no idea how to get started with it, information below will shed light on the entire process.

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